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Tollfree number gives your customers a privilege of calling your business at zero cost. MyOperator is a toll free number provider comprising features like IVR, call tracking, call recording that lets you stay available to your callers 24*7, routes all customer calls to the right department and enhances the brand image of your company.

Tollfree number for better customer calling experience

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Incentivise your callers by giving them the privilege to call you for free. Allow them to reach out to you anytime and everytime they face an issue or have an emergency. Increase your reachability, drive better engagement rates and improve your customers’ experience.

Build a strong brand

Increase sales

Get a toll free number for your business and increase your sales possibilities. Use this phone number as your marketing strategy by displaying it on online and offline forums to attract potential callers. Capitalise on the increased number of calls to improve your conversion rates and RoI.

Tollfree number features

Generate more revenue with a tollfree number

Increased business calls elevates the chances of more conversions. A tollfree number helps in achieving exactly the same. Allowing customers to connect for free with a 1800 number, it benefits businesses of all sizes. Most businesses have built their brand image around toll free numbers.

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Lenskart COO

Since, we had call management system installed in our organization, we could actually keep a check on the customer count at the end of the day and also use it to nullify the issues which are caused from our side. Also MyOperator call routing and tracking means we are always connected and accountable to our customers.

Five Star

Anurag Shrivastav Founder, Flabbery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tollfree number?

Tollfree number is a virtual number with multiple contact numbers mapped behind it. Call placed at the tollfree number is cost-free for the caller and is automatically forwarded to the agent’s number.

Who pays the calling charges of the calls coming at the toll-free number?

Toll-free number implies no-calling cost for the callers. The calling cost is instead borne by the number subscriber (your business).

What are the benefits of a tollfree number?

In return of the cost paid, tollfree number enhances your customer calling experience, builds better brand image, earns credibility for your business. Hence, brings more customer calls and business revenue.

How is a tollfree number identified?

Tollfree number has a dialling prefix of the respective country’s dial code. For example, Indian tollfree numbers begin with 1800 while the US, UK tollfree numbers begin with 800.

How can I get a toll free number?

Sign up for your 3-day demo. Get access to MyOperator “Live” dashboard and pick a tollfree number of your choice. Also, you can call us on 92129 92129,and we’ll sign you up over the phone.