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Integrate. Partner. Grow.

Integrated solutions for greater customer value

With MyOperator Technology Partner Program, we envision to unite technology intelligence with customer value to propel growth & scalability. Partner your business/CRM with India’s first end-to-end call management solution and help in building a fully integrated ecosystem where bilateral growth is a reality. Together, we will create compound solutions that will mass benefit both your and our customers of any size, industry.

Integrate Success
Integrate Success

Integrate Success

  • Equip your business for faster growth by integrating your CRM with our call management and automation software.
  • Produce unparalleled value proposition by reaching on cloud and automating your business and customer call communication.
  • Leverage a personalized integration package comprising web & marketplace presence, collective go-to-marketplace activities, and sales collaboration.
  • Utilize our technical, marketing, and sales resources to best serve the cloud telephony needs of businesses, SMBs, and IT teams.

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Everything that you’ll get in the program

Products Partners’ access
API access and documentation Yes
Development environment Yes
Release alignment Yes
Roadmap sharing Yes
Development support Yes
Customer support for integration Yes
Showcase (logo, description, data sheet) Yes
Customer case study and presentation Yes
Sales coverage and engagement rules Yes
Joint sales training & playbook Yes
Joint demand generation Yes

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What our partners say

” LeadSquared is proud to be a partner with MyOperator. We have an API integration which enables our users to directly capture all their call details with their leads through MyOperator directly into LeadSquared. MyOperator team has been very helpful and prompt while developing this API integration and this integration is a huge plus to all the customers.”

Five Star

Syed Rizwan Ali Senior Software Engineer, LeadSquared


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