Smart Call Tracking

Reporting is crucial for building a smarter business setup. MyOperator helps you pull out all the key metrics of a call: caller details, time of call, type of call and date. This can help in optimizing your team effort.

With the right direction and understanding of your customer’s behavior, it is a strict business necessity.

As per a recent research it has been recorded that 70 % of new business can come from the existing customer base. Hence, knowing who called you up to inquire could be a great way to plan your span.

Opportunities are never lost; someone else takes them while you are not paying attention. With the soaring competition no one can afford losing any opportunity. This makes it imperative to keep a track on your incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Some of the advantages of a managed calling system are as follows:

  • Develop a customer database: Collect all the relevant information regarding your clients in one place. You can use this data while you are planning a promotional campaign of your company’s services or products. This results in deeper engagement and might help you in developing a better relationship with your clients.
  • Understand customer’s purchase behavior: You can easily determine and analyze the existing and changing purchase behavior of the customers by considering their calling pattern.