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Single Access Number

Single number helps in maintaining sanity in the business communication. No matter who joins or leaves your company, you do not have to change your business number.
No need to publish multiple numbers.
MyOperator’s single number can handle multiple business calls simultaneously. You can map multiple number to handle all your calls.

Also, MyOperator single number manages multiple departments under the same number and connects your customer to right department in no time.

Vanity Numbers

For some companies it is imperative to have an eye catching number. Some of the companies like a pizza chain must have a number like 6888-6888 so that whenever, wherever they are displayed, on hoardings, banners or television, one can easily memorize it.

Toll free Numbers

When small or medium sized companies compete with their larger competitors, a toll free number lends them a professional image. It goes a long way in creating positive customer perception.

These numbers comes with the following advantages:

  • Increase in business leads
  • Handle large call volumes
  • Better call back probability of the customer
  • Provide a bigger and professional image