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Singapore virtual phone number is an online phone number. It has multiple phone numbers mapped behind it. When a call is placed at the virtual number, it is automatically forwarded to any of the connected phone numbers. A virtual number eliminates the need for businesses to have different contact numbers for each department or branch. Employees can be assigned their extension numbers behind one virtual number to ensure easier communication within the organisation.

Benefits of a virtual business number in Singapore

A centralized business virtual number

Businesses have several agents, departments and branches. Publishing contact number for each is both difficult and costly. Herein, having a single business virtual number in Singapore makes it all easier. The diverse contact number can be mapped behind one virtual phone number. It saves the cost and effort to advertise multiple numbers.

Scale your business with a virtual number

Scale your business easily with a virtual phone number

Growing businesses imply added departments and branches. Updating the business contact information everytime is troublesome. Singapore virtual telephone number is flexible to connect as many phone numbers behind it. Add multiple numbers to your online phone number at any point in time. Let the business be recognised with one business phone number only.

Features of +65 Virtual phone number in Singapore

Why MyOperator for Singapore virtual phone number?

Call Management System

Along with a virtual phone number, businesses get an end-to-end call management system. It gives a complete track of customer calls coming at the online phone number. Complete recording of customer conversation and call reports too can be fetched. Virtual business number along with well-monitored calls will help in upgrading the customer calling experience.



Customer conversion requires repeated marketing to potential customers. As they dial the virtual phone number, an automated report of callers is readily available. The report can be used for remarketing purpose. Potentials leads can be retargeted via Facebook and SMS. This significantly increases the chance of customer conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Singapore virtual phone number?

Singapore virtual phone number is an online number with several phone numbers mapped behind it. Multiple calls can be received simultaneously with just a single phone number.

How to get MyOperator virtual number in Singapore?

You may get started with your 3-day demo. You will then get access to MyOperator live dashboard. You can then choose your virtual phone number for Singapore, toll free or non-toll free. Alternatively, you may contact us on 866 696 7462, for any assistance.

Is this a landline virtual number or mobile virtual number?

Virtual phone number can be used as both landline phone number and mobile phone number. What is major is that the call is forwarded to the connected phone numbers irrespective of the phone system.

Who is the best Singapore virtual phone number provider?

There are diverse virtual phone number providers in Singapore. Besides the online number, it is essential to be sure of their provided services. With readily available customer support and dedicated account managers, MyOperator assures finest customer service.

Is this a free virtual phone number?

MyOperator virtual phone number is not free of cost. However, we ensure customised pricing as per your business
call volume and requirements, along with a 30-day refund policy.

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