SaaS for SMEs

A wave to make Businesses Smarter!

We emphasize on SaaS in particular because it promises just what Indian SMEs need: IT Solutions to everyday needs easily accessible across borders and affordable within limited budgets. Give these solutions a spin so that we can together make ‘doing business’ a much better and appreciated activity.

Ankit Jain

Founder, VoiceTree Technologies

With the Start-up environment warming up to the attraction to create something new, there are a lot of young people opting to take up entrepreneurship. While ideas have always been around, here are some basic enablers of innovation:

1. There is so much technological development that businesses/people can benefit from.

2. The technology is being implemented around the world into realizable benefits.

3. The onus of innovation is no more on the big brands.

4. It is becoming more acceptable to judge the solutions on their value instead of the age of the brand.

5. The reach of new enterprises is increasing with mediums like social media.

Efficient processes have always had a magnetic impact on its Customers. Clubbed with easy to use interfaces and accessibility the solutions become viable for adoption. The last mile of Customer Service is being taken care of very effectively. This essentially means: Perfect market!

So, my thought for all the SMEs: ‘You couldn’t have a better environment for your business!’

In this blog, we attempt to bring forth a number of tried and tested technology solutions which are making the business processes of SMEs better in quality at more affordable costs. The net effect of the SaaS wave would be: easy spread and adoption of new and effective ideas! Imagine a revolutionary idea developing and establishing itself purely based on its merit!!

So, here we go!!