IVR design

Design your IVR just the way your callers want: An ultimate guide

April 9, 2019 by

He was pissed off. It had been just a week that he started using their services, and there were already many issues. He needed some technical assistance immediately. He raised an online support ticket, however, didn’t receive satisfactory help. Finally, he decided to call on their customer support contact number. He was positive that his problem will definitely be sorted over the call. Once the call got connected, he was…

automation in customer call management
March 26, 2019 by

Automation in customer call management: For ease and reliability

It’s about last week when I was sitting in my office sales bay. As usual, sales agents all around were on call with our ‘potential’ customers. Like typical ‘sales-thing’, the conversation was all about the benefits MyOperator has for a business. Amongst those multiple spoken advantages, one word was quite common and repetitive, ‘automation’一 how our product brings automation in managing customer calls. After hearing those discussions (negotiations and requirements)…

International phone number for business
January 25, 2019 by

Why international phone numbers for your global business is a must?

Taking a business global is both attractive as well as challenging for an entrepreneur. International expansion gives a businesses access to faster growing economies but at the same time, it involves adapting to new cultures, different time zones, communicating in newer languages, and many other significant differences. To handle these challenges smartly, it’s important to streamline and smoothen the process of international expansion. International phone numbers for your business help…