Missed call service for business

Missed call solution: The in-and-out of this advanced communication tool

October 11, 2019 by

Remember that time when you used to vote for your favourite contestant on TV reality shows by giving a missed call. Yes, missed call solution has been in existence and in our notice from that point. With its wide usage in the entertainment industry, the adoption of a missed call solution can be seen in the business industry as well. In fact, the usage has proved to be so beneficial…

best virtual number provider
September 26, 2019 by

A quick guide to choose the best virtual number provider

Before getting on virtual phone numbers directly, I’d like to start by discussing three different business situations with you: 1. Mr Gupta is the owner of a rapidly growing eCommerce pharmaceutical portal. He has a team of 15 people, our of which 6 are involved in handling customer calls. His agents have to remain near the office landline to attend calls, and when they have left for home, he has…

US virtual number provider
September 26, 2019 by

4 points that uphold MyOperator as the best US virtual number provider

Virtual phone numbers have been talked a lot about in the business world. The benefits offered by this cloud tech is exemplary and the ever-increasing demand of the same is a clear evidence of the same. Besides several other reasons for using the same, one is the fact that businesses, be it of any size or industry wants to use quality and advanced technology for their organization. And, the US…

virtual phone number in India
August 30, 2019 by

Boost your sales growth with a virtual number in India

Let’s begin with a very simple question. What according to you, is the most efficient mode of communication in converting your big potential clients? A written communication or verbal communication? Did you just say ‘verbal’? Yes, you’re right. To communicate verbally with your potential clients or even paying customers, I’d say, calls are the most instant and easy way to connect. But are you even managing your business calls efficiently?…

Disaster Management helpline
August 13, 2019 by

Free helpline numbers for easier rescue operations

The functioning of the Indian system has been torn down by floods in the entire nation. But the states that have been most affected by this are Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. It seems as though the entire system has had a major breakdown. India is currently facing the biggest challenge in terms of facing this natural calamity and saving the lives of numerous people stuck in this chaos. This…