Free plan


  • Start mobile call tracking for free with MyOperator App on the go.

Budding Business


  • 1000 free minutes
  • 4 Users
  • 4 Departments

Growing Business


  • 3600 free minutes
  • 6 Users
  • 6 Departments

Big Business


  • 6600 free minutes
  • 20 Users
  • 10 Departments


Custom plan

  • Looking for a customized plan for your enterprise? Contact us.

Note: Plan charges exclusive of taxes and payable annually

For Toll free numbers


  • Free
  • Additional
    call rates


  • 0
  • ₹ 0.90/min


  • 500
  • ₹ 0.90/min


  • 1600
  • ₹ 0.90/min

Frequently asked questions

What is MyOperator Free Forever plan?

The “MyOperator Free Forever Plan” refers to mobile call tracking solution that allows you to monitor and track all your business’s calls from anywhere and at anytime. It helps you track calls to monitor your team’s performance even when you’re not in office.

What are the charges for a toll free number?

The charges for toll-free numbers are the standard call rate per minute in each plan along with an additional charge of ₹0.90 per minute. For example, if you have chosen a toll free number under the Budding Business Plan, the call charges would be applicable as the standard call rate of ₹1.25 plus ₹0.90 per minute. This means your total cost per minute would be ₹2.15.

How do I get customized solutions?

To get your customized solutions, click on “Contact us” under Enterprise Custom Plan and connect with us as per your requirement.

What if I do not like the services later?

If you do not like our services, you can discontinue it and your money will be refunded. Read more

Which plan should I go for?

Go for the Budding Business Plan, Growing Business Plan or Big Business Plan if the average number of calls received by you is approximately 10 per day, 40 per day or 80 per day, respectively.

How many lines do I get with each plan?

The number of lines you get depends upon the number of users in each plan. For instance, you get 6 users in Growing Business plan which means you get 6 lines. Same goes for all the other plans.

What are Pro license?

A user with a Pro license is a person who can access the MyOperator web app along with the authority to do activities within the panel based on his role and permission.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can pay via your credit card, debit card, net banking or cheque. You can also opt for ECS (NACH) option for recurring payments.