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No Setup Cost

MyOperator is an easy to use setup that can be installed in just a matter of few clicks. There is no need to buy any additional hardware.

Also, there is no maintenance cost involved.

The best part about this unique product is that it is as simple as it is effective. Hence anyone irrespective of the technical knowledge can start using MyOperator.

The service provider bears the responsibility of maintaining the system on the customer’s behalf.

You must have created your MyOperator trial account in just 60 seconds and started your free trial.
When you buy the product, you can provide desired extenion numbers to your departments.You can completely manage which user/users will answer callls for which department..

MyOperator costs much less than what you have been spending on your office. It is the same business PBX system you have been dreaming about but way more affordable. MyOperator costs almost ten time less than your regular business PBX system. With the effortless setup and maintenance, it just makes more sense.