Features of an IVR system

Professional greeting

Welcome your callers with professional greeting and create a positive brand image.

Call routing

Route all your business calls to the right department and the right agent automatically.


Facilitate your callers to leave a voicemail when none of your agents aren't available.

Sticky agent

Connect your callers directly to the agent they have spoken with earlier or the agent assigned to them.

Extension number

Assign unique extension numbers to your departments or agents and route your calls efficiently.

Keypad input

Let your callers input their requirement on IVR menu and route their calls accordingly.

Upgrade your on-call customer experience with IVR

Be 24*7 available for your callers

IVR acts a virtual receptionist, and helps your business route calls to the right department and right agents automatically. Even when none of the agents are available, callers get an option to leave their message in the voicemail. Also, time-based and location-based call routing options helps your business be available for your international customers as per their time-zone.

Round the clock availability

Welcome your callers with professional voice greeting

IVR welcomes all your callers with a professional and personalized voice greeting irrespective of their geographical location. Not only this, it greets your callers in their local language. Your customized IVR creates a brand recognition among your callers and also increases your brand recall value. It therefore helps you ensure an enhanced on-call experience for your customers.

welcome greeting

Human receptionist v/s IVR solution

Human receptionist

  • Human receptionist works only during office hours and fails to attend callers of different time zones.
  • It’s hard to find a human receptionist who speaks all languages as your customers do.
  • A human might fail to route calls efficiently as per your callers need or won't be to attend all the calls simultaneously.
  • The cost of hiring and paying a human employee is comparatively higher and they are always prone to minor errors.

IVR as a receptionist

  • An interactive voice response stays available 24*7 for your callers and can attend calls at all time durations.
  • An IVR greets and interacts with your callers in their native language and gives them a personalized experience.
  • IVR, a virtual receptionist helps a business in intelligent routing of calls as per callers need, even during peak hours.
  • Interactive voice response is both more efficient and cost-effective, and it can be scaled up whenever required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an IVR system?
IVR, also called, virtual receptionist or e-receptionist, helps you to route calls to the right departments automatically, and greets your callers with personalized welcome message.
Two major benefits of using an IVR are automatic call routing and customized welcome greeting. Thus, it is important as it saves both the agents' as well as callers' time.
Businesses add IVR at the back of their contact number. When a person calls on their contact number, the IVR menu is played. Caller enters the keypad input basis the requirement. After receiving the input, call gets routed to the right department or the right agent.
Yes, you can add IVR on your existing number.
Just sign-up for a 3-day free demo on our website, and create your sample IVR. Our executive will contact you and help you onboard. Further, you can design an IVR personalized for your business and your callers.