Italy virtual phone number for your business

Map several phone numbers behind your virtual number and allow your team to attend multiple calls simultaneously.

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Italy virtual phone number
Italy virtual phone number

What is Italy virtual number?

Italy virtual phone number helps a business track and monitor all its calls. Many other contact numbers are mapped behind a single Italian virtual number. When a customer calls on this virtual number, the call is forwarded to the agent basis caller’s requirement. This Italian virtual number saves the cost of maintaining and installing a traditional PBX system.

Italy virtual number for easier customer communication

Expand your business with a single virtual number

While using an Italian virtual phone number, a business need not publish different contact numbers on its website, as it expands to different locations. Contact number of different branches can be mapped behind a single Italy virtual phone number, and calls are further routed depending upon the customer query.

Italy virtual phone number

Increase your mobility with a virtual number

A virtual phone for your Italian business enhances your business mobility significantly. Restriction of being in office premises is completely eliminated. The cloud-based call management system that comes along with an Italian virtual number enables a business to manage its business calls from anywhere, anytime.

Italy virtual phone number

Features of Italy virtual number for business

Italy virtual phone number

Call recording

Record all your Italy business calls, analyze the recordings and know your customers better.

Italy virtual phone number

Customer database

Get an automated database of all your callers, and leverage it for remarketing purpose.

Italy virtual phone number


Welcome your callers with personalized voice greeting, route calls efficiently & stay available 24*7.

Italy virtual phone number

Call masking

Mask all your business calls by displaying a temporary number, and ensure customer privacy.

Italy virtual phone number

Instant response

Reply instantly to your callers anytime, anywhere and reduce your callers’ waiting time.

Italy virtual phone number

Analytical reports

Know your business calls insights such as peak calling hours, callers demographics and many more.

Why MyOperator for Italian virtual phone number?

Transfer live calls to other agents

Italy virtual phone number provides ‘Live Call Transfer’ feature which lets your agents transfer ongoing calls to another agent’s mobile phone without disconnecting the call. It is helpful when a single caller needs to deal with multiple agents. This feature can be used irrespective of the agent’s location and time.

Italy virtual phone number

Get benefit of 24*7 customer support

It’s important to choose a cloud telephony provider that is available 24*7 to help you when stuck in a problem. MyOperator gives you 24*7 support when you need any technical help or just have a query regarding our products or services. When using a cloud-based Italy virtual phone number, technical help could be required, and we understand this well.

Italy virtual phone number

6000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

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Incorporating MyOperator’s comprehensive, cohesive technology has definitely eased our daily operations. We intend to make this into a long term association and keep upgrading our backend processes.


MyOperator helped us in speeding up our hiring process. Their call automation intelligence enabled us in filtering & hiring suitable candidates. The system helped us reduce our cost & save manual effort & time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Italy virtual phone number?
Italy virtual phone number is a centralized business contact number starting with a local, national or toll-free dial code. Multiple phone numbers are mapped behind the virtual number, and callers can call on the virtual number at little or no cost.
Sign in for your 3-day demo. Get access to MyOperator “Live” dashboard. Pick your ‘virtual’ business number, toll free or non-toll free. Put in all required details or call us at 866 696 7462, we’ll help you onboard.
This virtual phone number can serve as both landline phone number or mobile phone number. Calls are forwarded to the agent’s phone number or to the landline systems.
There are multiple virtual phone numbers providers in the market. What’s essential that which provider gives you add on benefits and easy customer support. MyOperator assures you multiple benefits for your business with the virtual phone number, and also provides 24*7 support.
MyOperator virtual phone number is not free of cost. However, we ensure customised pricing as per your business call volume and requirements, along with a 30-day refund policy.