international business phone numbers

What are international business numbers?

Build your international business presence in multiple countries with MyOperator local number, mobile number or toll-free number. Get domestic phone numbers for all the countries you serve and make your business easily accessible to your international customers and prospects. Add MyOperator to your global expansion plan to reap greater benefits, and streamline your business call management. Also, get a full-fledged call management system comprising add-on benefits like call tracking, call recording, call masking, remarketing and more.

Get business phone number for multiple countries.

Why international business phone number is a must for your global expansion?

International presence

International presence

International business numbers starts with local area code of the country you serve. This helps you serve regional customers efficiently and establish local business presence.

Local call rates

Local call rates

International number lets your customers connect to your business at domestic call rates. This eliminates ISD calling charges and makes your business more accessible.

Better credibility

Better credibility

When competing in a global market, a local number for your business makes you look more credible and trustworthy as compared to your other international competitors.

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Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

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Incorporating MyOperator’s comprehensive, cohesive technology has definitely eased our daily operations. We intend to make this into a long term association and keep upgrading our backend processes.


MyOperator helped us in speeding up our hiring process. Their call automation intelligence enabled us in filtering & hiring suitable candidates. The system helped us reduce our cost & save manual effort & time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are international business numbers?
International business numbers are local, mobile and toll-free numbers of multiple countries. It is helpful when you're operating globally from a centralized location.
Just sign up for 3-day free demo and get access to MyOperator “Live” dashboard. Our agents will contact you to know your complete requirements and help you onboard. Alternatively, you may fill our enquiry form mentioning all your requirements.
No, you cannot get a single number for multiple countries. However, you may take similar numbers with the coutry codes of respective countries.
These global business phone numbers make your business more accessible to international customers, eliminate the hurdle of ISD calling charges, and establish a local presence.
There are multiple international phone numbers providers in the market. However, it's essesntial which provider gives you add on benefits and easy customer support. MyOperator assures you for multiple benefits for your business with an online phone number and 24*7 support.