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Intelligent Call Routing

IVR helps in directing and re-routing calls between teams or departments by asking a caller to choose the corresponding option. Calls can be routed to different locations. This helps your team become mobile.
MyOperator allows your team members or employees to stay connected with your client or business partner while they are at home or on vacation with the help of intelligent call routing system.

With this managed call system one can receive calls on the mobile so that you have the freedom to work from anywhere.

MyOperator offers three types of call transfer options:

  • Sequential: Call gets transferred in a sequential manner, for instance from A->B->C
  • Round Robin: If calls need to be distributed equally call transfer in round robin fashion can be useful.
  • Parallel: This feature transfers the call to all the agents at the same time. Who ever picks first, takes the call.

Sticky Agent

MyOperator also offers a unique feature that connects the caller to the same agent if he calls within the specified threshold time. This offers ease to the caller and helps in increasing the client response.