Enhance your callers’ experience
when they are kept on hold

On hold music is a feature that allows you to choose an audio that best fits the nature of your business. It is played when agents in your organization transfer customer calls to other agents or keep customers on hold. It allows you to keep your callers engaged while they are made to wait.

Keep your callers engaged with MyOperator’s on hold music feature

Personalize your callers’ experience

End the awkward silence that arises when you need to transfer calls with the music on hold feature. Keep your callers entertained while their call is getting forwarded or transferred to increase customer retention and improves your callers’ call experience.

Update and inform your callers

Update and inform your callers

Customize your on hold audios and mix your music with marketing messages when agents transfer calls to other agents. Convey important updates or promote other products to ensure that your customers on call are kept informed as well as engaged.

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Entertain your callers with on hold music