MyOperator free helpline number for Kerala floods

MyOperator, a helping hand during Kerala floods

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In the past few days, unprecedented rains and floods have ravaged one of the most beautiful states of the county, Kerala. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless while many have lost their lives. The devastation has indeed been dreadful. However, what’s relieving here is how everyone, from Government to NGOs to ordinary citizens have stepped up to provide relief and assistance to the victims. Yet, a lot of contribution needs to be done to rescue the victims of the Kerala floods.

Herein, Kerala rescue, a [Govt. of Kerala, Kerala State IT Mission and IEEE Kerala Section backed] community of authorities and volunteers also stepped forward to save the loss. The rescue team made calls manually to the people and ensured their safety and requirements.

Recently, the community approached MyOperator to streamline their calling process in order to ensure the effectiveness of the efforts. We at MyOperator were ready to contribute our bit in each possible manner.

Kerala rescue community was provided with a virtual phone number 9870 513 514 along with an IVR and SMS service to reach maximum number of people in a short span of time. The helpline number was circulated around the city to ensure maximum awareness.

The victims call on the number and convey their requirements with their input in the IVR telephonic menu, e.g. Press 1 for water, press 2 for medicines and so on. Approximately 60 volunteers’ numbers have been mapped behind the virtual number. Basis the caller’s input, the call is forwarded to the concerned team and the volunteer personally takes a note of the caller’s needs.

Also, outbound calls with similar IVR set up are generated on the database including phone numbers of Kerala citizens. This process provides an easier access to the citizens and ensures their safety and requirements.

Besides this, Bulk SMS has been utilised to inform people about the helpline number. Victims can even send the message on the provided virtual number and the number along with the SMS content is automatically updated on the MyOperator panel. This has made it easier for the rescue team to get back to the people who have sent SMSes for help.

In two days, Kerala rescue community has contacted 7000-9000 people from a database of 15000. The number and efforts are on the rise. Alongside, MyOperator is assuring that calls as a medium of contact are completely streamlined, and no call (need for help) is lost or missed.

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