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Track conversions resulting from your Adwords campaigns using MyOperator number instead of Google Forwarding Numbers. Route all the calls to your business phone number and get detailed reports of calls generated from your ads.

Advanced reporting

Get reports of the the calls that have been forwarded to your team members through call extensions. Understand details like call duration, call start and end time, caller’s area code, and whether the call was connected or not.

Increased conversions

Increased conversions

Increase call lead conversions by redirecting calls to best agents. This would help you address the issues and requirements of the callers effectively. Count the phone calls of a specified duration as conversions and strategize your next set of marketing campaigns, accordingly.

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Lenskart COO

Since, we had call management system installed in our organization, we could actually keep a check on the customer count at the end of the day and also use it to nullify the issues which are caused from our side. Also MyOperator call routing and tracking means we are always connected and accountable to our customers.

Five Star

Anurag Shrivastav Founder, Flabbery