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Our customer

foodpanda is a leading online food ordering and delivery marketplace. For restaurants, they give them visibility in the online and mobile world, and for consumers, they make the widest gastronomic range accessible and food ordering convenient. Founded in 2012, they operate in 22 countries serving 260+ cities with more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide.

Their challenges

foodpanda wanted to scale their business and meet the increasing demand of delivery orders during monsoon and winter season. For this, they were required to increase their number of delivery boys.

However, while recruitment, they found the entire process very time consuming as they had to call each job applicant manually. They sought a solution that would help them automate this process. Doing this would enable them to filter appropriate candidates from a pool of applicants and help them utilize their time.


Their success

MyOperator fulfilled foodpanda’s requirements by providing them with an “Outbound IVR solution.” An IVR is generally used for routing incoming calls but, MyOperator customized its IVR system for generating outbound calls. foodpanda generated the calls to their applicants with few questions set on the IVR for shortlisting and evaluation purpose. In broad strokes, foodpanda were able to hire best fit candidates effortlessly.

Besides this, foodpanda witnessed additional benefits with MyOperator:
  • Number of outbound calls made on monthly basis rose by 500%.
  • The cost per call reduced by upto 5 times.
  • They even discovered Hyderabad as the state with highest recruitment potential.

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We are using MyOperator toll-free service to have better connectivity with our customers without any cost barriers. We really appreciate the technology used by them to serve their clients with effective reports and analysis.

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