Greet your callers with a
customized welcome message

Custom main greeting is a welcome message that is played each time a customer calls on your business number. After this welcome greeting, your callers are required to choose one of the predefined options set by you. Each caller is then directed to a specific department and agent.

Welcome your customers with MyOperator’s custom main greeting

Personalize your callers’ experience

Welcome each caller with a personalized welcome message using MyOperator’ custom main greeting feature. Greet your callers with personalized messages with during festive seasons. Customize and record same or different messages for your callers.

Build customer relationships

Build customer relationships

Project your small business as big and professional. Welcome your callers each time they call to seek solutions to their queries to build a personal relationship and enhance their call experience. Make the best possible first impression with your customers.

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Greet your callers each time they call