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Crowdsourcing for an effective democracy

Posted on December 30, 2013 at 3:09 pm by     

One of the most interesting things about the change wave called AAP is that they are aligned with everything we considered a distant dream. Whether they will form the government or how they will handle the issues remains to be seen, but the most innovative and efficient technique AAP is using to garner Aam Aadmi’s support is Crowd sourcing.

Crowd Sourced Funds

AAP invites people to donate. What could be better than citizens contributing to a political cause by willingly contributing funds! The completely transparent donation system ensured that people contributed 20 crore to ensure that a newly formed party campaigns its way into politics, breaking the shackles of old world party ideologies.

Crowd Sourced Outreach

All technologies, including telephony, have taken a new face with the advent of Cloud Advantage. AAP successfully concentrated their international support into the results of the elections in Delhi. They launched their campaign targeting one device that is pervasive in the country – telephone.

Here’s a brief presentation of how AAP achieved this.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) may have used crowd sourcing more than a century ago, but its effectiveness is rediscovered everyday with each such application!