Types of call routing

Call routing solution


Set different IVRs for people calling from different regions. Connect them to the right regional office.

Call routing solution


Play personalized IVR for people you have added as contacts in your MyOperator panel.

Call routing solution


Route calls to agents based on their work-shift timings. Ensure agent availability 24*7.

Call routing solution


Route your business calls to all the available agents in a specific order.

Call routing solution

Simultaneous routing

Route calls to all the agents simultaneously. Connect the call to agent who answers first.

Call routing solution

Balanced call routing

Distribute your business calls uniformly amongst all the available agents.

Route your calls the way your callers want

Automate your business call distribution

Call routing feature for your business phone system is accompanied with IVR. This facilitates routing of business calls automatically based on callers’ input. Thus, the calls are connected to the right departments and right agents instantly without any human intervention. The process also reduces callers’ waiting time and enhances overall on-call customer experience.

Automatic call distribution

Ensure availability of multiple agents

Contact numbers of multiple agents and multiple departments are mapped at the back of one centralized virtual number. IVR connected to your business phone number routes all your business calls to multiple agents based on the method of call routing you have opted for. This feature ensures zero missed calls as multiple agents are available to answer the call.

multiple agents

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different methods of call routing?
There are three methods of call routing: serial-wise to selected users, simultaneous to selected users and balanced call distribution.
Yes, we offer ‘Sticky Agent’ feature that helps you route calls of a particular customer always to the same agent.
Yes, you can route your business calls directly on agent’s mobile phone.
The type of call routing depends on your preference and business requirement. To understand further, you may give us a call at 9212992129.
Yes, you can change the type of routing later on.