Call management for Tours & travels

Tours and travels

The client

Antilog Vacations is one of the largest tour providers, operating tours globally while catering to customers across 17 countries. Consequently, the company faced a problem of high call volume. This further led to missing out on important calls. Therefore, they wanted a system that could track all calls and inform about the missed calls. Also, they wanted the customer data to be collated for evaluating each tour’s profitability.

Tours & travels


Tours and travels is a niche sector, in which businesses face huge competition to their services. Customer engagement is a golden take for such businesses. Also, there is a need for continuous optimisation of tours according to changing customer requirements and tour seasons.

Antilog Vacations wanted a solution which could:

  • Engage customers
  • Effectively attend calls
  • Maintain the record of calls
  • Keep in touch with tour operators

Solution and benefits

MyOperator provided Antilog vacations with virtual numbers. This helped them map agents with multiple extensions to various departments. Calls were routed to agents who were free to take calls. This ensured that no customer’s call went unanswered.

Antilog vacations enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Monitor and track calls
  • Follow up with tour operators
  • Attract and engage customers

Some other customers using MyOperator

Tours and travel

“Greatly helped in converting bookings for our hotel and
tracking staff efficiencies.”

Deepak Motiani, Director,
Pals Hotel, Central Mumbai