Call management for Marketing


The client

Bakasur is a chain of posh restaurants in bangalore famous for using only natural products while preparing food. Bakasur was having trouble collating calls from different sources and arrange bookings accordingly. Their only number seemed to be always busy, posing a difficulty for customers to interact with staff. Also, they could not attribute their sales to a source, causing a disarray in their marketing strategies.



Marketing is one big part of any organization. While every organization and enterprise has it’s own marketing department, a call management system is an effective call management tool if you-

  • You have any marketing budget.
  • You have a website from where your customers come to you
  • You have listed yourself with any of the directories on internet.
  • You advertise through flyers, hoardings or brochures.

Bakasur being one such company who wanted a call management system for the purposes of Marketing and collating the leads received from all its sources. They wanted a number to accommodate all their customers.

Solution and benefits

MyOperator provided Bakasur a toll free number with an IVR, customized to the voice of a monster. This helped them use their IVR as a marketing tool. Also, a database of all their callers was created through call tracking.

Bakasur enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate higher traffic and recurring sales
  • Strategize marketing campaigns

Some other customers using MyOperator


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Customers speak

MyOperator customer reviews“]

“First of all I would like to thank VOICE TREE. The service which they are providing, helped me in positioning my business in more professional way. As it is (said that) communication is what helps any business to grow, Voicetree provided me with (the) same. They helped me in enhancing the experience of customers over call and helped my call entertaining team to reach each and every single customer. As of now I am satisfied with the service which is provided by you.“

Sunny Thakur, Business Head,
Umda Service Contractors &
Marketing Pvt. Ltd.