Call management for Food and hospitality

Food and hospitality

The client is one of the well-known online cake manufacturing companies, delivering great quality cakes for special occasions. Experiencing high traffic of customers and unable to manage calls, the company wanted a call management system with the following attributes

  • Tracking orders
  • Manage all bookings
  • Handle call volume


The growing intelligence of food culture over internet has been an advantage for the common people. It has been able to generate new customers for the food industry.

For this very reason, this industry requires a call management system for the following:

  • Track the orders
  • Meet the customer requirements
  • Not miss any sales opportunities

Companies like Domino’s and Pizza Hut offer home delivery services. This in turn gives customers a reason to order their food over the phone. Hence, managing these calls and not missing any order is important. This is what cloud telephony in the Food and Hospitality sector aims at delivering for every business.

Solution and benefits implemented the services of MyOperator on their existing market number and got a complete database of their call logs. This enabled them to manage customer order details and not miss any sales opportunity. enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Track customer orders
  • Follow up with missed calls
  • Record customer conversions and the order details.

Some other customers using MyOperator


” MyOperator is an unique software I have ever come across. I was really worried about the high volume of calls our company was experiencing, but the call tracking and recording system managed all for us… ”

Manit Nagrani