Call management for E-commerce


The client is one of the fastest growing e-commerce services providing innovative gifting solutions. The company introduced the idea of ‘personalizing gifts’ and therefore provides options of gifting options for the consumers. Flabbery needed a complete solution for all its calls.



E-commerce is the fastest growing market with a huge untapped potential which could allow it to keep its high growth rate. With the sudden spike in the number of E-commerce companies and increased competition, retaining customers is a core requirement. Flabbery wanted a complete solution for managing operations to create a deep customer
contact. They wanted to:

  • Track every sales and support call.
  • Create your customer database.
  • Understand and analyse your customer requirements.
  • Execute marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Solution and benefits

MyOperator provided Flabbery with a Toll free number that helped them in marketing and repeat sales through remarketing. Also, with a call management system in place, it helped them in over all call communication experience.

Flabbery enjoyed the following benefits with this:

  • Track and follow up with missed calls of sales and support
  • Optimize operations and improve after sales service
  • Strategize marketing campaigns

Some other customers using MyOperator


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Customers speak

MyOperator customer reviews‘]

“Excellent service. Our queries are (re)solved on priority basis so there is no such experience (of) we (not liking) any thing about the product.”

Shraddha accounts & HR,
Powerstores e-commerce pvt ltd