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If You Want to Be Successful In Business, First Do This!

Have you ever wondered how to improve your professional communication skills? For starters, 

We live in a world that is fast-paced and pressurized. So, learning how to communicate well is crucial.

Some even say your success is directly proportional to the proficiency of your communication skills. “It’s estimated that 14% of each workweek is wasted as a result of poor communication,” while historical studies “of over 2,000 senior executives and managers across the US found that 94% of the participants identified ‘communicating well’ as the most important skill for executives and managers to have in order to be successful today and tomorrow.” (Source: Linchpin)

Here’s a look at why effective communication is important and how you can ace it:

Ace Verbal Communication

Employ Proper Etiquette

Take a Confident Approach

Listen More, Speak Less

Prepare in Advance

Smile, You’re Designed To

Try it for yourself. While speaking, expand your lungs, stand up or sit upright in a good chair and speak with gestures. Your listener is sure to hear the difference! When you communicate in this fashion you are actually synchronizing verbal messages with non-verbal ones. And ultimately your communication is viewed as more credible and professional.

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