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8 ‘proven ways’ to increase call leads from your marketing campaigns

December 18, 2018 by

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everybody wants to opt for a shorter and an easier route when given a choice.  People don’t want to waste their time in unnecessary processes. And it’s obvious that your customers aren’t an exception to this. Oh! Hold on. This isn’t a psychology article, so let’s talk about this in marketing context. I’m talking about ‘direct calling v/s lead form’. What does a customer prefer when…

Challenges of international business expansion
December 4, 2018 by

The inescapable challenges of International business expansion

With increasing globalisation and digital connectivity, most businesses are eyeing on international expansion. Companies are transacting with customers located across the globe and reaching a mass audience. In fact, such global expansion has become almost a requisite for long-term growth. However, as the global marketplace becomes more interconnected, the challenges involved increases and become more detrimental. The target market widens, the size of potential audience enlarges, and so the number…

missed business calls are missed business opportunities
November 16, 2018 by

Missed business calls are missed business opportunities

How many business ‘calls’ and ‘opportunities’ did you miss today? Also yesterday? You might be wondering, “what’s the connection between the two?” Most organizations like yours just forget how they use phone calls to develop relationships, make purchases, and generate business; similarly, customers do it too. Another notable thing here is the ‘calling experience’ which holds your business’ reputation. Studies show that communication over phone is still the prime medium…

The dangers of missing (and messing up) customer calls for startups
September 27, 2018 by

The dangers of missing (and messing up) customer calls for startups

Founders. You need to know what is happening in your startup. To bring context, you need to beware of the malfunctions happening with your customer communication and experience. Tell me if you agree ㄧ in working with a startup, there are times when scattered communication processes doom the entire day. It gets worse the day night its after-effects show up in the sleep; more like nightmares. For me, sometimes it’s a…

Call management system - Checklist
September 27, 2018 by

Do I need a call management system? [Infographic & Checklist]

We often talk about MyOperator Call Management System, its features, products and the benefits it has for businesses. But what type of business do we actually refer to? Needless to say, we aren’t limited to small-scale startups or large-scale enterprises. Then which type of businesses should have a Call Management System, and is your business the one? Before we answer that, let’s understand what actually is a Call Management System:…