IVR for business marketing

IVR for business marketing, in a new-age manner

September 9, 2019 by

IVR as a calling feature has often proved to be beneficial for the business departments involved in attending customer calls. It significantly reduces the effort and time of the agents to manually transfer calls from one department to another, remaining stuck to their office desk/landline to attend calls and the list (of benefits) goes on. However, besides all this, the “Press 1, Press 2” feature has many other advantages as…

virtual phone number in India
August 30, 2019 by

Boost your sales growth with a virtual number in India

Let’s begin with a very simple question. What according to you, is the most efficient mode of communication in converting your big potential clients? A written communication or verbal communication? Did you just say ‘verbal’? Yes, you’re right. To communicate verbally with your potential clients or even paying customers, I’d say, calls are the most instant and easy way to connect. But are you even managing your business calls efficiently?…

Disaster Management helpline
August 13, 2019 by

Free helpline numbers for easier rescue operations

The functioning of the Indian system has been torn down by floods in the entire nation. But the states that have been most affected by this are Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. It seems as though the entire system has had a major breakdown. India is currently facing the biggest challenge in terms of facing this natural calamity and saving the lives of numerous people stuck in this chaos. This…

Ivr for small business
July 26, 2019 by

IVR for small business as a contributor to stronger business growth

“We tried reaching you but your phone was not reachable.” “We have been trying to call you, but your agent’s number was going busy.” “We genuinely needed your product at that time, but your executive didn’t pick up our call.” This is the gist of a few calls Rahul has been receiving lately. Similar statements were said on his mail as well.  Rahul is a small businessman, currently dealing with…

IVR design
April 9, 2019 by

Design your IVR just the way your callers want: An ultimate guide

He was pissed off. It had been just a week that he started using their services, and there were already many issues. He needed some technical assistance immediately. He raised an online support ticket, however, didn’t receive satisfactory help. Finally, he decided to call on their customer support contact number. He was positive that his problem will definitely be sorted over the call. Once the call got connected, he was…