The complete call tracking guide: Marketing, conversions & sales success

April 10, 2018 by

All set to launch your next marketing campaign? Platforms. Check. Ad creatives. Check. Budget. Check. Customer call tracking. Wait, what? I’m sure you’re equipped for all pre-campaign requisites. And post the campaigns, you’ll track impressions, clicks, conversions, and all possible metrics. Though, you really expect customer enquiry calls at one point after your campaign’s launch, right. This is because you never miss highlighting your business contact number in any of…

MyOperator for Startups
April 5, 2018 by

Bring your startup and growth together with MyOperator for Startups

India is recognized as the third largest growing startup base in the world after China and US. Though, majority startups have to forego a lot of necessities viz. basic CRM solutions, startup-friendly automation tools, and universally used resources due to low paying capacity. To help startups build a stronger foundation in their early stage, we have created MyOperator for Startups, a program that makes startups reap the benefits of cloud…

retain customers with myoperator
March 22, 2018 by

How MyOperator can help you retain your customers

“Mr. Tomer had planned to double his revenue by the end of financial year 2017. But unfortunately, this did not happen. His revenues graph went down instead. He was worried what could have been the reason. His sales team had acquired pretty good number of new customers. But he missed on a very important aspect, customer retention. While he was busy acquiring new customers front door, his customers kept leaving…

March 9, 2018 by

Why March is the right time for technology investment in your business?

Wondering how to save your corporate tax this financial year? Or has it been a pretty bad financial year in terms of lower profits, and you’re expecting a boom next year?  Then, making some right business investments before the financial year ends, will be a perfect way to minimize your tax. March is here, and you need to make a quick decision. But, it becomes difficult to think of a…

Virtual Phone Number-A-10-digit-solution-to-your-business-problems
March 6, 2018 by

Virtual Phone Number: A 10 digit solution to your business problems

Sales agents are finding it difficult to keep a track of missed customer calls. Marketers are blindly investing in their campaigns without analysing the actual ROI. Recruiters are getting sacked with unmanaged calls, hampering their daily functioning. Above all, entrepreneurs are dealing with other multi-dimensional problems, hindering their goal accomplishments. All such issues have a big or small effect on the working, productivity, and efficiency of businesses. Through this blog,…