8 features a call center must have

8 features a call centre software must have [Checklist]

July 17, 2018 by

Too many phones ringing continuously. Agents sitting in front of desktops, receiving calls back to back. Numerous other calls queuing up. And agents seem to be talking breathlessly. A typical call centre scene, isn’t it? But what happens when agents are unable to handle so many calls at once, despite all their efforts? Customers start screaming for making them wait, and agents keep apologizing. Dissatisfied customers threaten them to give…

what is cloud telephony
July 3, 2018 by

What is Cloud Telephony & 12 reasons ‘Why Cloud Telephony?’

Before diving into the nitty gritties of cloud telephony, let me tell you why is it important for you to know about cloud telephony and implement it for your business at the earliest. Let’s begin with a question. What do you do to overpower or beat your business competitors? You build a strategy or a USP that your competitors can’t imitate. Now, the next step. How do you make your…

Call management for startups
June 13, 2018 by

“I own a startup, do I really need to manage my business calls?”

It’s about last week at work, I thought of meeting my friends from sales. They were expressing how wrong numbers usually annoy them; times when they come across real ‘tough’ customers; and of course some hilarious incidents. Few statements later, we drove towards real conversation about dealing with business owners, especially the startups when discussing call management or cloud telephony. They had more or less similar things to say about…

ivr for startups
May 24, 2018 by

IVR – helping startups leave a brand-like impression

Biggies of the business world are often addressed as first-to-mind brands, customers’ favorites, and always trusted; essentially those who’ve turned the market upside-down. However, can we credit startups with this stature already? (entrepreneurs, my eyes on you) Well, not yet. ‘Because startups don’t have it in them’ — this is what consumers actually convey when they relate a brand and a startup in a single statement. But, what’s the reason…

cloud software
April 25, 2018 by

5.5 factors to consider right before buying a cloud software

You may be planning to replace your existing software and even ready to swipe your card as soon as you find a ‘better’ one. Great! But, is buying a new software so effortless and uncomplicated? Definitely yes. If you have plenty of time and money to keep experimenting with your software, then you may just randomly pick any. But I’m sure, for 99% of my readers, this is not the…