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The client

Berger Paints is one of the leading paint manufacturer companies in India. Besides their quality products, they are well-renowned for ‘Berger Priyo Pujo’, held every year during Durga Puja since 2013. Highlighting the ‘para pujos’ of Kolkata, it is a unique contest, where every citizen votes for their favourite Pujo/Pandal.

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The entire voting and registration process of the contest takes place via calls, website and the mobile app. Besides the latter two, manually attending each call and taking a note of their vote would have been a challenge. Also, marketing different contact numbers for voting and registration would have been another hectic and costly affair.

Owing to the fact that citizens from the entire city call to cast their vote, the call volume is indeed high and beyond manual management. Berger, therefore, stood in the need for a solution that could ensure automation and ease in their on-call voting process.

Solution and benefits

Berger Paints found its solution with MyOperator:

  1. They were provided a virtual phone number that was used for both registration and voting.
  2. An IVR was deployed for automatic interaction with the callers. Each Pandal was assigned a unique short code (extension code), which callers pressed in the telephonic menu to give their vote.
  3. Their call management solution was integrated with Zapier. All the call-related activities viz. caller details, their call timing and their votes automatically gathered on the google sheet.

Together the solution ensured seamless on-call voting, eliminating the manual intervention to manage the high volume of calls and votes.

Some other customers using MyOperator


“First of all I would like to thank MyOperator. The service which they are providing helped me in positioning my business in more professional way. They helped my call entertaining team to reach each and every single customer.“

Sunny Thakur

Business Head
Umda Service Contractors & Marketing Pvt Ltd