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Ragini Kumari

Ragini Kumari is Content Marketer at MyOperator. She is a passionate writer and a poet. She is a business management graduate and aspires to be a social entrepreneur. Her purpose in life is to spread education and happiness. Find her on Twitter (@RAGINIKUMARI18).

8 features a call center must have

8 features a call centre software must have [Checklist]

July 17, 2018 by

Too many phones ringing continuously. Agents sitting in front of desktops, receiving calls back to back. Numerous other calls queuing up. And agents seem to be talking breathlessly. A typical call centre scene, isn’t it? But what happens when agents are unable to handle so many calls at once, despite all their efforts? Customers start screaming for making them wait, and agents keep apologizing. Dissatisfied customers threaten them to give…

what is cloud telephony
July 3, 2018 by

What is Cloud Telephony & 12 reasons ‘Why Cloud Telephony?’

Before diving into the nitty gritties of cloud telephony, let me tell you why is it important for you to know about cloud telephony and implement it for your business at the earliest. Let’s begin with a question. What do you do to overpower or beat your business competitors? You build a strategy or a USP that your competitors can’t imitate. Now, the next step. How do you make your…

retain customers with myoperator
March 22, 2018 by

How MyOperator can help you retain your customers

“Mr. Tomer had planned to double his revenue by the end of financial year 2017. But unfortunately, this did not happen. His revenues graph went down instead. He was worried what could have been the reason. His sales team had acquired pretty good number of new customers. But he missed on a very important aspect, customer retention. While he was busy acquiring new customers front door, his customers kept leaving…

March 9, 2018 by

Why March is the right time for technology investment in your business?

Wondering how to save your corporate tax this financial year? Or has it been a pretty bad financial year in terms of lower profits, and you’re expecting a boom next year?  Then, making some right business investments before the financial year ends, will be a perfect way to minimize your tax. March is here, and you need to make a quick decision. But, it becomes difficult to think of a…

Ted talks for entrepreneurs
December 7, 2017 by

5 must watch TED Talks for entrepreneurs

TED Talk is an introspectional entertainment. Yes, this is how I define it. “TED Talks; Ideas Worth Spreading”, do not only leave you with an idea, they spark a deep introspection within you, leaving you with tons of questions, opinions, curiosity and an ultimate motivation to do something different. Many a times, small things that you need to change, go unnoticed. These TED Talks stir our subconscious mind and we…