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Arundhuti Roy

Arundhuti Roy is a professional business blogger and works as Content Marketing Strategist @MyOperator. She is a reader (mostly feminist readings) but likes to share her insights about startups and enterprises.

3 Myths of Call Tracking Debunked

For people who haven’t optimized on business calls yet – 3 Myths debunked

January 10, 2017 by

Let’s start with this first. What is call tracking? (We’ll talk about the myths later) Well for those of you who believe in numbers and have analysed metrics related to search queries, must have definitely explored Google Analytics for the digital traffic you get. Right? It’s the same concept with phone calls. The idea is straight (and enticing at the same time). Just track your call metrics for the right…

March 17, 2016 by

You asked, we delivered – MyOperator Notifications

We’re happy to deliver a long-awaited feature for our users: Notifications. Since the notification system delivers significant information at once and provides an option to respond, MyOperator has introduced notifications for its users. Starting today, you can receive live alerts of your business calls. Whether you are an active or a new user, the notifications are enabled by default on the MyOperator panel. Adding notifications as a feature is a…

Understanding Buyers Personas & Mapping Customers Journeys
February 1, 2016 by

Understanding Buyer Persona and Mapping Customer Journey

So far we have talked about how businesses should communicate to their audience. But, buyers of today are exploring multiple channels to connect with the companies. This increase in communication channels doesn’t lead to positive customer experience. In fact, only 22% of the consumers say that the communication used by retailers is usually relevant. Though most companies realize that how critical it is to personalize messages while speaking with their…

Why business on cloud is an awesome decision
January 19, 2016 by

5 reasons why business on cloud is an awesome decision

The word “Entrepreneurship” has a lot of value in itself and is earned by rigorous hard work. A business can show up with great results when it has the right brain working behind it. This calculative mind which has the ability to take risks and mold business, according to the need of the customers, is what justifies the work of an entrepreneur. There are several qualities which define the work…

Simplification is the key to reach out to your customers: 3 ways to achieve it
November 17, 2015 by

Simplification is the key to reach out to your customers: 3 ways to achieve it

“Almost all quality improvements come via simplification of design, manufacturing…layout, processes and procedures.” When things are less complicated , you face less trouble and it is easier to take decisions. When you tend to pitch-in a lot of effort in understanding something which is not understandable, you just leave it at the end of the day! Watch out for the #message while speaking with your #customers. Be Simple! Click To…