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Lead Management

Imagine what an effective call management system can do apart from streamlining your business communication. Every call carries value and is an equivalent business opportunity.
MyOperator helps you in managing all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Hence it can help in creating a relevant database of genuine leads and help the company in its endeavors.

The online user panel of MyOperator boasts of many features including, but not limited to, call recording, department wise categorization, track on call duration, and call receiver details.

With the help of these calls one can determine:

  • Peak Time for Callers: If the peak timing of callers can be determined then it will help in effective utilization of the company‚Äôs resources. Moreover, one can also track and identify the activities that result into the increased number of calls.
  • Easy Customer segmentation: With the calling details one can easily determine the departments which receive maximum number of calls. This information can also be used to identify the potential areas for marketing. This will help in channelizing the resources and suitable manpower to boost the sales in that sector.