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Tested methods to foolproof your 'customer interaction'

Effective ways to retain customers

5 powerful “Don’ts” for Customer Retention

Hey! Your customers are leaving you… Are you worried about that? Don’t be! The 5 Powerful Don’ts should set in. Do you often advise your children like, “Don’t waste your time. Prepare well for the exams!”? I know, this advice is a bit annoying for children; I understand that you do it for their own benefit so that they could avoid the pitfalls of lack of time nearing exams. Later,…

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Business call management for SMEs

3 reasons why SMEs need a Business Call Management System

According to State of Small business Report, 2015 46% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their target audience. Email marketing has been one of the easiest ways for SMEs to create awareness about their products or services. Let us have a look at VoiceTree newsletter signature: Did you notice the phone number mentioned?  Ever wondered about having a report of number of callbacks via a particular email campaign?…

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Employee satisfaction is equivalent to customer service

12 Stats that show Employee Satisfaction is equivalent to Superior Customer Service

When we started with our organization, our main objective was not only to create something “Big” but also to deliver a quality customer service. The most important aspect which leads to progressive locomotion of a company is the type of service you offer to your clients. And when you take this side of management seriously, your clientele base is automatically built strong. But here’s a question.. If your service/ product…

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Business Call Tracking can get you 2-10% more business

Get 10x more revenue with Business Call Tracking

Measuring business growth is important for any organization. This one aspect enables you to understand whether your business is gaining or draining. Also, the major decisions you take for your business depend on the growth that you achieve and the investments you make for your future plans. Here’s the question: How do you measure this growth? One way of doing it is to count the number of converted customers or…

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Improve Customer Experience

5 Important Software to Improve Customer Experience

When Bain & Co. examined 326 firms, they found that 80% of the customers believed that they delivered “superior customer service” but only 8% of the customers agreed with what the companies said. Companies do strategic planning and implement accordingly to improve the quality of their services which in turn shall increase customer acquisition rate. As business communication is one of the important aspects in customer service, therefore companies use…

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