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Why managing customer calls impact customer experience

Why managing calls is the best way to upgrade customer experience

Business communication is one of the major aspects when it comes to improving brand value and customer experience. Studies show 60% of your customer experience and brand value depends upon how you communicate. This communication may take place through various channels such as emails, phone calls, videos, advertisements, etc. But, this article will talk about phone calls, only. Although emails have become a favorite tool to communicate, it denies a…

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How to convert a customer call into a hot prospect

How can you convert a customer call into a hot prospect

Making customer calls and converting them can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. The entire exercise requires patience and pre-planning on part of the sales person to gauge the exact requirement of the potential customer and modulate the sales pitch accordingly. It is important to listen to the exact requirements and then respond. There are numerous marketing channels available in today’s dynamic business environment. These channels are a mix…

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MyOperator Notifications Launched

You asked, we delivered – MyOperator Notifications

We’re happy to deliver a long-awaited feature for our users: Notifications. Since the notification system delivers significant information at once and provides an option to respond, MyOperator has introduced notifications for its users. Starting today, you can receive live alerts of your business calls. Whether you are an active or a new user, the notifications are enabled by default on the MyOperator panel. Adding notifications as a feature is a…

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Top 6 Digital Marketing Myths, Debunked

The notion that online is always simple, fast and easy, has led to an increasing number of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, hiring sub par online marketing service providers which leave them feeling duped, deceived and lost. Presently, brands are desperately seeking a rare species of marketers, known alternatively as Data Scientists or Marketing Engineers. Sadly, along the path to the Internet’s gold rush, there were many unskilled Internet marketers…

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Understanding Buyers Personas & Mapping Customers Journeys

Understanding Buyer Persona and Mapping Customer Journey

So far we have talked about how businesses should communicate to their audience. But, buyers of today are exploring multiple channels to connect with the companies. This increase in communication channels doesn’t lead to positive customer experience. In fact, only 22% of the consumers say that the communication used by retailers is usually relevant. Though most companies realize that how critical it is to personalize messages while speaking with their…

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