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Tested methods to foolproof your 'customer interaction'

Existing Customers

5 reasons you should stick to your existing customers

“There is an increase in the churn rate, if you don’t value your customers”. Agree? Churn rate in itself is a common phenomenon. Perhaps, there’s always a possibility to reduce it. When we try to improve our churn rate, its customer centricity results in the overall increase in the revenue. Let us talk about the existing customers. What do you do to retain them? Companies adopt various methods to retain their…

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remarketing process

Everything you need to know about Remarketing Process

“The heart of a successful business is all about successful marketing.” In fact, it is through marketing something new is introduced to the target audience.  Two things that are most affected by your marketing strategies are: Increase in the number of sales Enhancing the company’s reputation But, usually starting any process takes lot of homework. Think about the marketing strategies we implement to bring new customers in the organization. But…

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7 Steps to Remarketing that will get you more Business!

When marketing ends, that is when remarketing starts. You must have read several articles which state that “Remarketing is a means to retarget those potential leads who showed interest in your service sometime back in the past”. Is it just that? If I have to redefine the remarketing process it can be defined as “the modifications done in your product or marketing strategies; followed by other means to keep a track…

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Have you started Remarketing on MyOperator?

It’s been some time since we launched Remarketing on MyOperator. Are you using it already? High time you did. Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored campaigns that relate to the experience they had with you. With remarketing, you get another chance to close the deal. Start #remarketing on @MyOperator. It helps your business grow. Click To Tweet MyOperator Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users,…

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Remarketing: Bring your customers back

Remarketing – 3 ways how you can compromise for it

“Nitin went to a grocery shop to buy some stuff for his monthly ration. His total bill comes out to be Rs. 1,565. He gives the shopkeeper an amount of Rs.1600, and the shopkeeper returns Rs 40 as a change since he didn’t have Rs. 5”. What did just happen? The shopkeeper compromised 5 rupees for the customer in order to deliver the customer, the products. Such incidences are quite…

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