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Tested methods to foolproof your 'customer interaction'

Use an IVR to manage your business phone calls

Are your customers going unheard? Set an IVR

Mr. Rajesh wanted to book a ticket for an office conference and he browsed a couple of touring websites. He came across NineOnNine Tours, who were offering great packages for office people. He wanted to enquire in detail about the packages and therefore called the travelling agency. This how the conversation took place: Front Office: Hello! NineOnNine Tours. How can I help you? Mr. Rajesh: Hi! I am Rajesh and…

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How to develop Gen Y employees

Employee Engagement is the key to develop Gen Y Employees

Employees are an asset to an organization and employee development is a part of the management system that leads to the strategic growth of your business. Recently, I happened to come across an article from Harvard Business Review, where it was mentioned that many of the brightest employees are in a constant job hunt because they aren’t receiving the suitable career development support they desire. This signifies that business owners…

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A virtual number is a must for your business

A virtual number is a must for your business. Here’s why

Marketing is a sector within an organization and an entrepreneur usually struggles with the thought process of how much is to be reinvested of what earned. Are you caught in a similar situation? In today’s digitally oriented world, marketing has become easier. There are various ways to project your business viz. websites, social media, digital advertisements, videos, etc. But there exists other offline channels too. These include print media, radio,…

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Growth Hacking beyond marketing

Growth Hacking is beyond Marketing. Here’s how!

Sean Ellis was the first person to coin the term “Growth Hacking”. He states, “Growth Hacking is not anti-marketing, it is the evolution of marketing, it is pro-growth.” Though growth hacking is a part of marketing, there are various other ways to achieve it. If one has to define “What is Growth Hacking?”, one of the possible ways of defining it could be as follows: “Growth hacking is a process by…

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Effective ways to retain customers

5 powerful “Don’ts” for Customer Retention

Hey! Your customers are leaving you… Are you worried about that? Don’t be! The 5 Powerful Don’ts should set in. Do you often advise your children like, “Don’t waste your time. Prepare well for the exams!”? I know, this advice is a bit annoying for children; I understand that you do it for their own benefit so that they could avoid the pitfalls of lack of time nearing exams. Later,…

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