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How this cloud telephony platform is thriving without a single penny from investors

November 21, 2016 by

At a time when dark clouds are hovering over the startup ecosystem, with a dearth of high value funding and increasing shutdowns, is cloud telephony also suffering? Ankit Jain insists that it’s not. “Cloud telephony is continuously growing and is in no way affected by the downturn in the startup ecosystem. With the growth in the sector, we are growing simultaneously,” quips Ankit (30), CEO and Co-founder of MyOperator. Launched…

5 essentials that your Business Call Center must have
June 28, 2016 by

5 essentials that your Business Call Center must have

The service industry strives on a combination of factors to achieve its targets and become successful. Customers require a service which they can rely on and come back to time and again. A well established call center is a catalyst to maintain positive long term relationships with customers and a basis for expanding customer base. Presently, where a lot of uncensored information is available at a click away, a call…

Advanced email hacks for serious marketers
June 17, 2016 by

Advanced email hacks for serious marketers

Email marketing is more than just broadcasting your promotions to a database of emails and praying to get conversions. When it comes down to grabbing and retaining eyeballs, email is proven to be the best – 95% of online consumers use email to buy goods and services, while 77% of consumers prefer email for communications. But only a small percentage of emails are actually read. If readers feel that the…

5 SMS Marketing hacks to increase your business revenue
June 13, 2016 by

5 SMS Marketing hacks to increase your business revenue

A mobile phone has become more of a necessity than a mere gadget, these days. Its utility has many folds, including as a medium to propagate the benefits of the product or service of a small business. On an estimate, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent on an average every year to promote or subscribe for services. SMS marketing is a powerful tool with a potential to make businesses grow.…

April 19, 2016 by

Why managing calls is the best way to upgrade customer experience

Business communication is one of the major aspects when it comes to improving brand value and customer experience. Studies show 60% of your customer experience and brand value depends upon how you communicate. This communication may take place through various channels such as emails, phone calls, videos, advertisements, etc. But, this article will talk about phone calls, only. Although emails have become a favorite tool to communicate, it denies a…